School of Rock Character Breakdowns

All Actors & Musicians MUST be between 9-18 years old (through 5/22/16)

Principle Teen Roles

Dewey Finn (Lead, 14-18) Dewey is a down-on-his-luck, energetic, wannabe rock superstar. Plays onstage guitar. Range: B2-E5, E2.

Rosalie Mullins: (Lead, 14-18) The very uptight principal of Horace Green Elementary. It is revealed that she was "not always wound this tight", but the pressure of the parents wanting everything to be perfect has made her into someone she never wanted to be. Range: B3-D6.

Ned Schneebly (Lead, 14-18) Ned is Dewey Finn's best friend and pushover roommate. He used to be a former rocker, but is now a substitute teacher. Range: C3-F#4.

Patty Di Marco (Lead, 14-18) Ned's bossy girlfriend. She makes no secret of her hatred for Dewey, constantly berating him for his lack of a proper job and inability to pay rent. Range: C4-E5.


Kid Roles

Zach Mooneyham (Lead, 10-14) Zack is quiet and shy. He was reluctant to be part of the band at first, mostly due to having a very strict father. Plays onstage guitar. Range: A3-C#5 to F5.

Lawrence (Lead, 10-14) Polite, proper, and mild-mannered, Lawrence is worried that he is not cool enough to be in the band. Plays onstage keyboard.

Freddy (Lead, 10-14) Freddy is more rebellious than the other students. Plays onstage drums. Range: A3-C#5 to F5.

Katie (Lead, 10-14) Spunky & cute. Plays onstage bass.

Summer Hathaway (Lead, 9-13) Summer is educated, clever, and responsible. As the class' factotum, she thinks mostly of succeeding and earning good grades. Range: B3-D5 to A3 & F5.

Tomika (Lead, 9-13) Tomika is the new girl at school, and extremely shy. When she decides to finally let her guard down and sing, Tomika becomes the lead singer in the band. Range: A3-D#5, up to G5.

Billy (Supporting, 9-13): A student at Horace Green, who becomes the bands stylist. Range: B3-C#5, also A3 up to F5.

Marcy, Shonelle, Sophie, Madison, Mason, James (Supporting, 9-13) Students at Horace Green who become a part of the band as vocalists or work behind-the-scenes. All have solo speaking/singing solos and are featured throughout the show.


Featured Teen Roles

Teachers, Parents, Band Members, Featured Roles (Supporting, 13-18) Those cast in these roles will have several alternating parts throughout the show. All characters have speaking/singing lines and are featured in various scenes.



In addition to the five onstage actor-musicians, there will be a 7-piece band in the pit. Open to advanced musicians 14-18 years old.

Keyboard 1 (doubling Descant Recorder), Keyboard 2Electric Guitar 1 (doubling Acoustic Guitar, Alto Recorder), Electric Guitar 2 (doubling Alto Recorder), Electric Guitar 3 (doubling Acoustic Guitar, Descant Recorder), Bass GuitarDrums


Please Note: Some roles will be single cast, while others may have several alternating performing playing the same role on different days. This will be determined after the audition. Please take this into consideration when looking over the rehearsal schedule.

Broadway's SCHOOL OF ROCK! (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

Broadway's SCHOOL OF ROCK! (Photo by Matthew Murphy)