Roles: Grace, Harriet Doyle, Mrs. Sheila Kelly, Roosevelt, Simon, Drake


Adult Callback Details

Date: Wed, April 26th at 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Location: Ripley-Grier Studios (520 8th Ave - 17C)


This is the only date we will be calling actors back. If you cannot attend and would still like to be considered, please send an audition tape to (deadline April 26th).




[GRACE FARRELL] Faithful secretary to Mr. Oliver Warbucks. She eventually becomes the love interest to Oliver Warbucks. Poised, sweet, gentle. 

[HARRIET DOYLE] The first female Commissioner of New York and a bit of a scheming Bureaucrat. Ruthless, stubborn, conniving. 

[MRS. SHELIA KELLY] An employee of the Child Welfare office and Mrs. Doyle's partner-in-crime. She attempts to marry Warbucks. Deceitful, smart, insincere. Sheila is sweet at first, but her true self is revealed in the last scene when she thinks that Warbucks has lost his money.

[DRAKE] The Executive Butler to Oliver Warbucks. Humble, caring, observant. 

[SIMON WHITEHEAD]  Mr. Warbuck's attorney. It is revealed that Attorney Whitehead was behind the entire plot to get Mrs. Kelly married to Warbucks so she could kill him and take his money. Whitehead resented the fact that Warbucks, a Tenth Avenue Shanty Irish, should have more money than he did himself, since he was born into one of the oldest families in Boston and attended Harvard.  

[PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT] The 32nd President of the United States, who, in his first hundred days in office instituted “The New Deal". He is a good friend of Oliver Warbuck's, and is very fond of Annie for optimistic view on life.