The Hundred Dresses


We are currently accepting VIDEO AUDITIONS for our ADVANCED INTENSIVE Cast 

Details: In addition to our Mainstage cast, we will be casting 12 performers between 9-14 years old to play the roles of Maddie, Peggy, Wanda, Cecille, Willie, and Jack. Each cast will have one public performance, stepping in for the mainstage child actors in the same exact production. If requested, Advanced Intensive cast members will also understudy the mainstage performers. Submission deadline August 15th.

Workshop Production Calendar

There is a production tuition of $495 for participants. By audition only.



Side #1: Wanda*, Peggy, Cecille           Side #2: Maddie Reeves           Side #3: Willie & Jack

*Wanda speaks with a Polish accent

Madeline's Christmas

Seeking Female Performers 8-14 years old (4'-5'2")

Audition: Sun, September 18, 2016 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave, NYC

Prepare: Bring Headshot/Resume, and 16-bars of a musical theater song that shows range and personality. Sheet music must be in the correct key. Be yourself and have fun!

Performances run Dec 8-18, 2016 at Theatre Row in Times Square



'TWELVE LITTLE GIRLS' (Simone, Juliette, Kate, Dominique, Anne, Amy, Daphne, Isabelle, Camille, Regine, Mary) - Female, 8-14 years old, 4'4"-5'2". Must sing, act and move well. All are featured roles with names and lines throughout the show.  Open to AEA & Non-Union.

MADELINE (STANDBY) - Female, 9-11 years old, 4'-4'3". Strong actress, singer and dancer. Spunky and confident! Open to AEA & Non-Union.

Commitment: Nov 15-Dec 18, 2016 in NYC. Only one conflict date will be permitted. Due to the busy holiday season, this production will have several alternating casts. See the calendar and schedule for details. 
Production Tuition: $495, includes headshot/bio in playbill, costume, production photos & an unforgettable experience performing in Times Square during the holiday season!